Whew. What a few weeks! Wonderful, yes, but also illuminating in painful ways. Most notably, I’ve realized that I am woefully out of practice as a writer.

I haven’t written on a regular, every day schedule for over a year. With this new book contract (YAY!), I’m dedicating myself to a full-time writing practice again. But just like working out your body, working out your muse for the first time in over a year? Ouch. Seriously. I had grand dreams of super high word counts and massive projects, but my aching muse is forcing me to slow down. Not stop, not by any means, but instead of doing two hours on the treadmill like I want, I’m starting out a little smaller and struggling through 20 minutes (metaphorically speaking, of course. I actually write a lot longer than that every day).

This is not a horrible thing. I’m writing again, every day, every week. I have a brand new group of wonderful authors to ask advice and get inspiration from. I have a publisher! I really can’t complain. But I can look forward to someday working my way back up to two hours on the treadmill…sigh.