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I recently decided to take a break from watching television. I hate being a slave to anything, so I wanted to see if I could do this. Not a big break, just 3 days without indulging in my evening stories. This is nothing. I totally have this.

I’m now on day 3. I’ve never wanted to see an insurance company ad with a tiny pig in it so much in my whole life. I don’t know how to eat anymore: without the incentive of plopping down in front of the TV, I tend to forget to make anything until my stomach is screaming. The house is so quiet when the boyfriend is at work that I feel like I’m living in a post-apocalyptic world and zombies may attack at any time. I’ve been online so much that my eyes are swelling shut. And my kitchen has never been so clean.

What does all this mean? That I am truly addicted to television.

So, in the name of self-intervention, I went into my TiVo yesterday (without seeing any actual TV, mind you) and weeded out the number of shows I record and watch. I won’t tell you the beginning number. Let’s just say I halved it and be proud. Some of the shows I axed?

Royal Pains: While I love some of the the characters, I find myself increasingly unable to sympathize with people who can afford to pay a doctor to come to their house. I can barely afford my co-pays.

American Idol/The Voice: I can’t watch any more people have their egos boosted by celebrities. Even the talented ones (who are usually booted off first) make me want to buy them a self-help book about finding your own worth internally and not from external sources.

Smash: I love this show. I really do. But it really is like Desperate Housewives for the theater set. I just can’t justify it.

The River: Ugh. Just ugh. I had such high hopes for this one. But no. It makes me scream at the screen every time I watch it. And not in the way they want me to.

This is just a small sampling of what I deleted from my Season Pass list. Hopefully, when I go back to watching tomorrow, I won’t miss anything. I still have the really good shows on there, like Justified, Sons of Anarchy, Castle, Face Off, etc. I’m gonna lose more shows at the end of this year, as some of my favs are ending their runs (In Plain Sight, The Closer, Eureka) so I just have to maintain right now and not pick up any new ones.

That means you can feel free to tell me about your least liked shows in the comments, but please don’t tell me about the shows you love. I don’t have the time! :>